[Year 04//2019]
0049: Some reflections on the historiography of the early pharaohs.
0050: Some Negative Feedback (For Negative Feedback)
0051: …brought down from a ziggurat on high.
0052: Examining Utopian Potential in Huxley’s Brave New World
0053: PSA: The Sampo is a Nanoforge
0054: A Theory of Conspiracy & Conspiracy Theories
0055: When mass death is cheaper than a mollyguard
0056: on digital currencies and migration
0057: Notes on the Temple of Dendur
0058: On the authority of nature
0059: Psychological implications of taxonomic efforts by 16th to 19th century European colonial trading missions in Asia
0060: An anecdote from the customer service department of [REDACTED], a department store.
0061: The Venus of Willendorf, its sculptor, and abstraction

[Year 03//2018]
0031: I Recall You Saying We Will All Be Born Again
0032: The Arrogance of a Private Theology
0033: You Don't Have To Ignore Him, Because We've Already Done It For You
0034: Notes From The Shelley-Keats House 
0035: Regarding a System of Strategic Standards
0036: Where The Echo Is Louder Than The Sound Itself
0037: Codes of Silence & Codes of Law 
0038: Etiquette in Battle Royale Scenarios 
0039: Tear Down This Money(Wall?) 
0040: Newcomb's Paradox, The Cynics, & The Hungry Crowd
0041: Five Statuses Under Rule of Law
0042: On Geopolitical Domination as a Service
0043: Notes on Operational Metaphysics
0044: …a horrifically imperfect modern day Osiris.
0045: On the defensive policy of the Sentinelese
0046: Bromden, what will it take to make you capitulate?
0047: First and Second Persons
0048: Failed Marriages

[Year 02//2017]
0007: Concerning the Seventy-Second Anniversary 
0008: Conjecture on the Elgin Marbles 
0009: A View From Mielke's Den 
0010: What Does It Mean To Reject Yourself? 
0011: Dinner & A MemeWar: Now 100% Content Free 
0012: No Exit {Counseling} 
0013: Note On The Colloquial Definition of Emergence 
0014: Travels in Hyporeality 
0015: The Uncanny Mountain 
0016: Small Thoughts off Sukhamvit 
0018: Elegy for the Cathode Ray Tube 
0019: Your Illuminati Is A Pyramid Scheme 
0020: Notes From A Colony 
0021: Asexuality Ep. II: The Clone Wars 
0022: Notes From A Colony II
0023: For Frank Abagnale 
0024: On Earning The Grass Crown In Industrial Society 
0025: Ceterum Censeo
0026: To Rent The Land, You Must Create A Forest
0027: Autopoiesis, Ethics, and Strategy in The Parable of the Sower
0028: ...With Apologies to the Potential Varelse
0029: Goffman Corruption in America, or Regarding BTC@10K
0030: Note On Recreational Labor

[Year 01//2016]
0000: We Must Simply Build Their Cradle First 
0001: Fire Has No Voice 
0002: Basic Strategies of the Bee Apes 
0003: The Only Existential Threat Is Marketing 
0004: Design Better Cages 
0005: An Era Of Pure Tactics 
0006: I Sing The Body Geologic